Handcrafted furniture with a client-collaborative approach.

At Handhold Studio we value handcrafted quality, intentional design, & taking the time to guide our clients through the design + build process. Our mission is to work together to build timeless, functional furniture for all of your spaces needs.
  • Intentional + Timeless Client-Collaborative

    We approach design as a client-collaborative process. We build items & furnitures made to fit you, your spaces, and your imagination. Hand in hand, we’ll navigate the design process together.
    Our Longest + lowest design: the Shasta Cabinet 
  • Community + Creativity

    “hand-holding” is not an obstacle around here — it’s a design feature. We encourage custom design & meet it with fair pricing, emphasizing the relationship between your vision and our ability to craft it. Start to finish, we guide our clients to the most important aspect of our work; helping you to love the spaces where you spend time.
    Employing a variety of other small businesses around our furniture; hardware, delivery, material sourcing, and finish. We build a community around the worl that we produce.
    View our time-tested staple, the Capitan Cabinet 
  • “Slow Design”, handcrafted one at a time

    After a project is settle on, we’ll pur our hands to work, finely crafting your projects. We value the ideology of “slow design”, and aren’t afraid to sacrifice time for quality. When they work is done, we’ll hand over work that we’re proud of.
    hand delivered in a Figured Maple to a local PNW home, the Gunnison 
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  • Creativity meets pragmatism

    We build creative solutions for both storage + aesthetics. Add form + function to your spaces with handcrafted Liquor & Wine storage, Sideboards, or Credenzas.
    The “Revisionist” Teton 
  • Time-tested building

    Solid Hardwood, high quality shop-sawn Veneer’s, or unfinished fine Cabinetry-grade Plywood, all of our work passes through real hands to build a quality finished piece for all of your spaces.
    We utilize both the most cutting edge building technology, as well as traditional + time-tested joinery.
    The Palisade Cabinet 
  • We build for you, to build with you

    The new homeowner, investing in their first handcrafted furniture. The small business, needing a workstation or furnitures for brick & mortar locations. Designers, both seasoned + fresh, who values working with creatives minds, excited to execute your visions.