The Handhold Studio is Design + Handcraft with our own hands, with creativity + community in mind.

It’s Richmond, Virginia, 2015. Our founder, principal designer, & creative dreamer Christopher Dean was sitting on a bench in Jefferson Hill, overlooking the city. 

A serial-hobbyist, always on a creative pursuit, he’d decided it was time to pursue a career that would fill the void the usual 9-5 wasn’t able to — creativity, community, and the opportunity to make meaningful + beautiful items for people, spaces, and businesses no matter where they may be. 

Fresh into 2016, the Handhold Studio was born (under a previous name of “The Timbered Wolf) after months of relentless trial & error, finding a medium that worked well with Christopher’s skill sets, talents, and what design he was drawn to. Being born & growing up in such an art-dense city, it granted a lot of opportunity for finding the perfect niche to fit into. 

Fast forward to 2019, and The Studio lifted its familial Virginian roots to replant in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and has been handcrafting from Eugene, Oregon ever since. With time, Christopher has remained steadfast and true to the personal values of chasing creative endeavors + following passions.

At every opportunity, we utilize other small businesses, creatives, and resources that support other makers in all possible facets of our Studio; from hiring local help with a passion for the craft, to recognizing the value in a few extra dollars for handcrafted hardware in our pieces. Our studio hires local photographers, local labor, and attempts to nurture relationships with other small businesses across the nation to grow with.

When the work is done, most of our pieces are still delivered the way it was initially planned to — by hand. Christopher still hand delivers at no additional charge for free to the entire Pacific Northwest and, if time + the studio’s queue allows, opts for hand delivering to anywhere in the United States before freighting. 

The Handhold Studio is about real people, working together to create great design, with real hands + real wood. We can’t wait to work hand in hand with you, too. 



Christopher Dean

Founder, Principal Designer, + all things between

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