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“Arches” Bent Lamination Mirror

“Arches” Bent Lamination Mirror

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Bent Lamination Mirrors, with a fitting name; “The Arch”. External Dimensions; 20” Tall, 20” Wide, x 2.5” Frame Depth, 3” Shelf Depth (Shelf is usable!). Mirror Glass is 18” Circle, will arrive with hanging cleat system pre-affixed to rear of mirror for simple hanging setup.

7-layers of veneer cut in-shop, bent & laminated around a shop made & designed form. Each Bent Lamination Mirror features hand-tool rounded frame  profiles surrounding the mirror. Cross-lap joinery of the shelf & mirror frame is used in this design, for easy disassembly in the future; shelving changes to accommodate new design, or if the mirror glass/any parts ever need replaced. As with all of our designs, each pieces will be finished by hand, using Osmo Polyx 3054 for a clear satin finish over the finished tone you select to purchase. 


I’ve had a long fascination with curvature in the furniture realm, for nearly as long as I’ve existed in this space. I naturally design & build squares & rectangles, never much venturing out into the world of bends & flows. Fast forward a handful of years, maybe a tad more, and I managed to Purchase a Shaper Origin. It’s a straight forward tool, but equally complex: It’s a handheld router-CNC, easy to use & understand as a normal part of a woodworkers repertoire, but a step beyond with the addition of scalable design via computer design, to any size. In early 2022, I began prototyping curved ideas I had with this new tool, that could cut any shape I decided; clamping jigs, vacuum press forms, and often unthought of designs (they’ll come later :)) for daily life that softened some of my design’s box-y style.

The “Arches” Bent Lamination mirror provides the design concept I was looking for. Functionality: we all need a mirror to see if we left a little Cheeto dust, or smeared a pen… right? Simplicity: The natural design of Arches (specifically the National Park & surrounding areas) inspire a feeling of awe & amazement, and if we take a step back to reflect on them, their formation + design is so simple. Not everything needs to be complicated, yeah? Lastly, Creativity: I enjoyed playing with this design. I enjoyed squeezing it in between many months of life, in my quiet times, through life’s changes & seasons. I truly hope this design evokes those same feelings for you, and gives you your own Arch to sit under & be inspired by. 

- Christopher. 

PS, don’t mind the photos — we’re working on some better ones, but wanted to make this project available as soon as possible. It’s been hard to keep under wraps. :) 

We’d love to build this piece in a dimension suited for your space! Please contact us for dimension changes, we’re very much able to make this larger or smaller. Inquire for a custom sizing. Current lead times from our wood shop are 12-14 weeks.



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